Déjeuner Wharton - 15 novembre avec Wafaa AMAL

Date and Time
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
12:30pm— 2:30pm
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9 av Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Paris 75008
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Reza Ansari
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Le bureau du Wharton Club de France vous convie à participer à notre déjeuner du mercredi 15 novembre 2023 à 12h30 PRÉCISES

Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life

Total Leadership, created by Professor Stew Friedman, is a well-established leadership method rooted in decades of research at Wharton and worldwide.

We're proud to have Wafaâ AMAL at the helm of this presentation, a Total Leadership expert who has been trained by Pr. Stew Friedman and is now the exclusive certified Total Leadership trainer and the Total Leadership ambassador in French-speaking countries. 

Wednesday November 15th 2023 at France-Amériques, for our monthly lunch we will host Wafaâ Amal (with a special online appearance from Professor Stew Friedman) to discuss her collaboration around Total Leadership.


Total Leadership is a proven method for creating sustainable change as a leader in all parts of life. It helps leaders attain four-way wins – success at work, home, in the community, and for oneself. Forget striving for "balance" and instead focus on finding harmony and enhancing performance throughout life. This is achieved by embracing three key principles:

  1. Be Real 
  2. Be Whole 
  3. Be Innovative

Total Leadership empowers individuals to become better leaders and lead richer lives. It leads to improved business results, a clearer sense of purpose, reduced stress, deeper connections with loved ones, greater contributions to important causes, and stronger support for generating positive change.


About Wafaâ:

- A hybrid professional, equipped with an engineering background and an executive MBA from ESCP, showcasing a proven track record in business
- 13 years of experience in strategic advisory, project management, change management, sales, and business development, having held key positions at Mastercard in France, across Europe and globally.
- Currently venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship with an exciting EdTech startup project
- Strong believer that sustainable leadership is the cornerstone of a more sustainable world, coupled with a conviction that artificial intelligence can elevate human power for a brighter future.




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