Member Benefits

All membership levels allow full access to the Club's events and activities including free access to the annual Assemblée Générale (value of €70) and preferential pricing for monthly lunches (30% discount).

Events include: Annual general meeting (cocktail dinatoire), monthly lunches at France-Amériques, Wharton-Insead events (in-person or online), happy hours sponsored by the club, occasional joint events with other organizations, breakfasts, career services and Club networking.


Gold membership  500 €

  • Free access to all Club events 

Regular membership 100 € 

  • Free access to the Assemblée Générale (value €70)
  • Preferential pricing for monthly lunches (value €15 / lunch)

Discount membership 50 € is offered to alumni who are not residing in France

Free membership is offered to current students and graduates of the last 3 years