Déjeuner Wharton - 15 Mars avec Alex Shevelenko

Date and Time
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
12:30pm— 2:30pm
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9 av Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Paris 75008
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Jerome Le Grand
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Le bureau du Wharton Club de France vous convie à participer à notre déjeuner du jeudi 15 mars 2023 à 12h30 PRÉCISES

Boosting Your Communication in a Digital World

Le jeudi 15 mars 2023 à France-Amériques, nous accueillerons lors de notre déjeuner Alex Shevelenko (W97).

Alex will focus on the following topics:

  • Why every communication you share is now a digital experience on what you can do to help your message / idea to succeed 
  • See what the most innovative companies in the world are now doing to transform their conventional PowerPoint and PDFs
  • What are the possibilities for letting algorithms do all the work
  • Building a global/virtual-by-default startup

There will be a free gift for all the attendees who want to orchestrate a digital experience makeover for themselves. 🙂

Alex Shevelenko is an avid reader and slide-maker, Alex always yearned to bring great ideas to life. He just never dreamed that he would do so by creating software that instantly turns your PDFs into interactive documents and presentations. 

Why change the good-old PDF? During Alex’s career building iconic business software products, everything evolved into a more compelling experience, except print-optimized PDFs.  There are 10,000 times as many PDFs as web pages today*. Yet in our attention-poor world, PDF is where must-read publications, presentations & knowledge goes to die. It's the coffin for your big ideas on screens.

So Alex founded RELAYTO/ to transform static, pre-Internet & pre-mobile content into a digital experience fit for modern humans. (See & hear his own http://rla.to/pitch. It used to be a PDF.)

It worked! To date, RELAYTO/ users at organizations like Accenture, Salesforce, Saastock, Ogilvy, Newsweek & PwC have authored over 75 award-winning interactive experiences. And it's just the start since the AI-powered platform gets smarter with every document it makes, manages and measures.

Trained by brilliant professors during his Stanford MBA (2005), Wharton BSE and the University of Pennsylvania BA studies (1997), Alex credits his wife and 3 kids as his most demanding and inspiring teachers. For example, they are not impressed by this bio.




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