The Ostrich Paradox

Why We Underprepare for Disasters

Robert Meyer and Howard Kunreuther

Why, when our ability to foresee and protect against natural catastrophes has never been greater, do we consistently fail to heed the warnings and protect ourselves and our communities from disasters, with devastating consequences? 

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The Ostrich ParadoxWe fail to evacuate when advised. We rebuild in flood zones. We don't wear helmets. We fail to purchase insurance. We would rather avoid the risk of "crying wolf" than sound an alarm.

In the new book The Ostrich Paradox, Wharton professors Robert Meyer and Howard Kunreuther draw on years of teaching and research to offer six reasons why disaster preparedness efforts consistently fall short.












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“A must-read for everyone who cares about risk.”

Daniel Kahneman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow 

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