Intercultural Communication Interactive Workshop: Learning New Communication Styles | Oct 25, 2022

Date and Time
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
7:00pm— 8:30pm
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Ines de Bagration de Ulloa

The Wharton Club of the UK organizes online interactive Training on intercultural communication and how to adapt to different communication styles. The Wharton Club de France has joined this initiative. This is an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of Dr. Rodolfo "Rudie" Altamirano, Executive Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and Executive Director of Immigration and Integration Services at Penn. Rudie conceptualized Penn’s Intercultural Leadership Program (ILP) and he leads it. Now approaching its 14th year, the Intercultural Leadership Program has been designed to foster a community of intercultural leaders who are ready to take on issues they are passionate about, learn more about themselves and communities different from their own, as well as making a lasting impact at Penn and beyond.
Jackie Billek, the Integration and Community Engagement Coordinator for ISSS, will also assist the audience and facilitate this specialized training.

Are you a direct or indirect communicator? Do you take a more attached or detached approach? There are many ways to communicate and sometimes different styles can intersect and clash. Through examples and role plays, participants will learn about their communication styles and navigate different strategies to adapt to other styles. As a Participant at iCommunicate’s interactive Training, you will be able to:

  • grow familiar with eight common communication styles
  • assess your own communication style(s)
  • identify communication styles in action through a role-play activity
  • learn how to adapt to other communication styles

The event will be moderated by Emilie A. Esposito, Wharton Club of the UK’s board member and Chair of DEI. Join this event to get to know more about intercultural communication and diverse communication styles.


Rodolfo (Rudie) Altamirano, Ph.D. 

Dr. Rodolfo "Rudie" Altamirano is the Executive Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and the Executive Director of Immigration and Integration Services at the University of Pennsylvania. His main responsibility is to provide overall leadership in determining and implementing organizational and campus-wide strategies for ISSS including the delivery of quality services and programs to international students, scholars, faculty, staff, exchange visitors and community members. Dr. Altamirano has a doctoral degree in International Resource Development with a major in Cross-Cultural Communication. He has held regional and national leadership positions in NAFSA: The Association for International Educators. Dr. Altamirano was an elected national representative for the Council of Foreign Student Advisors [CAFSS] section of NAFSA and then was elected national Chair of KCISSS (Knowledge Community for International Students and Scholars). He has presented and conducted more than 300 immigration, cross-cultural communication, and conflict resolution workshops nationally and internationally.

Dr. Altamirano is coordinating Penn’s International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) and International Partners Outreach Group (IPOG). He conceptualized and spearheads Penn’s Intercultural Leadership Program (ILP).  He has developed creative endeavors and innovative programs to advocate for international education and intercultural learning. He enjoys traveling to different cultures because of the colorful educational experience that he gains from these journeys. His quest for learning has taken him to beautiful places in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He cherishes meeting students and scholars from all corners of the world because of the cross-cultural learning opportunities that are within his grasp.  He is greatly fascinated with learning the cultures and languages of the world.  He continuously strives to find ways to partner with members and key stakeholders of the campus and Philadelphia community to advance Penn’s global engagement efforts!

Jaclyn (Jackie) Billek

Jaclyn (Jackie) Billek is the Integration and Community Engagement Coordinator for International Student and Scholar Services. Her work includes administrative, scheduling, and event support for the ISSS integration team, development and support for ongoing international student integration initiatives, and support and advising for international and cultural student groups on campus. Prior to Penn, Jackie worked as an executive assistant in the real estate, hospitality, and finance industries, and served as an academic and corporate program manager for Getting More Inc., a consulting firm specializing in high-stakes negotiation and dispute resolution training. She holds a B.A. with honors from West Chester University.



Yuhong He

Dr. Yuhong He is the Associate Director of Integration and Community Engagement at International Student and Scholar Services. Her main responsibility is to lead the integration team to develop strategic plans and initiatives, deliver programs and services, maintain and create new partnerships to advance ISSS’ integration mission, and promote international student advocacy.


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